MMS Corporate Compliance

In a world focusing on patient rights and privacy, MMS has implemented a compliance program designed to ensure its employees are aware of and adhere to applicable laws and ethical standards. As a result, MMS has established a culture that promotes, prevents, detects and resolves any instance of conduct that does not conform to Federal and State laws and regulations, private payer health program requirements and MMS’s own ethical and business policies.

The MMS Compliance Committee is committed to continued training and education of all employees. We expect each employee to understand MMS’s Corporate Compliance Plan and adhere to the policies and ethical guidelines therein. We have established lines of communications that allow reporting of compliance issues anonymously and in confidential good faith. We regularly audit to ensure full compliance by all employees and have effective and clear guidelines for failure to comply the Compliance Plan. In addition, we regularly assess and attempt to improve the effectiveness of the compliance efforts here at MMS.

Our commitment to compliance sets us apart from other companies. Not only do we feel it protects our customers and their patient’s privacy, but is serves as a clear reflection of the ethical and business commitment that is throughout MMS.

Kindly yours,

Roseanne Sorrento
MMS Corporate Compliance Officer